Infometer is a system for auditing online resources.

Using Infometer, experts hold online audits of organizations' websites in order to increase their informational openness. The Infometer system's mail goal is to make official websites more informative, user-friendly, and compliant with Russia legislation on access to information.

Infometer is a communication site allowing to perform remote consulting for representatives of government bodies and other organizations. People in charge of website maintenance can ask experts questions, point possible evaluation mistakes, and express their opinions. Following expert advice, one can increase evaluation scores for his/her online resource and achieve higher position in the openness rating.

Infometer is also an informational rating website. Results of audit for a specific category of online resources are presented as informational openness ratings for organizations of a specific type (e.g., 2016 informational openness rating for federal executive government bodies or 2016 regional open data rating).

In 2012, general jurisdiction courts that took part in remote consulting increased their websites' openness by 53% at average.

In 2015, our experts held 40 audits and their active participants fulfilled 40% expert advices (9294 advices, 556 active participants)

For 2017, more than three thousand users are registered in the Infometer system.

Information on audit results, evaluation score examples, and website ratings are published for open access.

To find answers to questions on the system functionality, see the Help section.